Affordable Connectivity Program Terms

  1. YOUR ACP-SUPPORTED SERVICE EXPLAINED. Your ACP benefit will be applied to the OMNI FIBER Internet service plan you selected. If your monthly total will be more than $0, you should also know that OMNI FIBER offers an internet plan with a $0/mo. cost after your ACP benefit is applied. If you have questions or want to learn more, contact Omni Fiber’s Call Center at 844-844-OMNI (6664) or ask the customer service representative assisting you. Your transaction Summary, with the plan you selected and the standard monthly rate for that plan, along with an estimate of taxes and fees, will be sent to you following the completion of your transaction.
  2. INFORMATION WE ARE REQUIRED TO SHARE WITH THE GOVERNMENT. Omni Fiber must transmit certain information about you, including, but not limited to your name, address, date of birth, telephone number, and last 4 digits of social security number, to the federal government’s National Lifeline Accountability Database to confirm eligibility and enroll you in the ACP. Once enrolled in ACP, certain information about you may be transmitted to the federal government’s ACP Administrator for participation in this program.
  3. YOU ONLY GET ONE ACP BENEFIT BUT YOU ARE FREE TO USE IT HOW YOU CHOOSE. There is a maximum of one ACP monthly benefit per household regardless of provider and only one ACP benefit per account. You may apply the ACP benefit to any Omni Fiber Internet service offering at the same terms available to households that are not eligible for ACP. You can also obtain Internet service supported by the ACP from any participating provider you choose. However, if you elect to move your benefit to another Omni Fiber Internet service or to another provider, you will no longer be eligible to receive an ACP monthly benefit on your current Omni Fiber service.
  4. HOW YOU MIGHT LOSE YOUR ACP-SUPPORTED SERVICE OR YOUR ACP BENEFIT. Omni Fiber may disconnect your ACP-supported service after 90 consecutive days of non-payment based on the due date specified on the bill. Omni Fiber may also move you to a lower priced service plan if you enter a delinquent status after a bill due date for your ACP-supported service. Also, if your total charges for your ACP-supported service after the ACP benefit is applied is $0/mo., you must use your ACP-supported service at least once every 30 days. If you don’t use your service within 45 consecutive days, you will be de-enrolled from ACP, the monthly benefit will be removed from your account, and you will be charged the standard monthly rate for the plan in effect at that time. In the event that you transfer the ACP benefit to anther service or another provider, you are de-enrolled from the ACP or otherwise lose eligibility for an ACP benefit or the ACP ends, you will be charged the standard monthly rate for your current plan (without the program benefit), adjusted for the expiration of any promotions, and subject to Omni Fiber’s general terms and conditions.
  5. TRANSFERRING YOUR ACP BENEFIT: If you are transferring your ACP benefit to Omni Fiber, you authorize Omni Fiber to complete the transfer on your behalf. After the transfer takes effect, you will no longer receive the benefit from your prior service provider. You may be subject to undiscounted rates for any service that remains with your prior service provider. Households are limited to one ACP benefit transfer per service month, certain exceptions apply. By clicking below, you authorize Omni Fiber to transfer your ACP benefit.
  6. QUESTIONS / NEED HELP? If you have any questions or concerns about your account or you are experiencing any problems with your ACP benefit, please call us at 844-844-OMNI (6664). You or anyone in your household has the option to file a complaint against Omni Fiber (or any other participating ACP provider) via the Federal Communication Commission’s Consumer Complaint Center. See or call 866-487-1608 for the process to register a complaint.