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How is Fiber Optic Internet Installed?


Fiber Internet offers many advantages over cable, satellite, and DSL. Fiber optic networks feature faster upload and download speeds, less latency, fewer interruptions, and greater compatibility with the cloud-based systems professional users need to get work done.


Unfortunately, not everyone has access to fiber Internet—the physical fiber optic technology simply hasn’t been installed everywhere. But that doesn’t mean it’s beyond your reach forever.


how is fiber optic internet installed


The Cost to Install Fiber Optic Internet


How is fiber Internet installed, and what in-home equipment is required? Fiber Internet networks need to be physically installed throughout an area. Depending on an area’s utilities infrastructure, topography, geographic features, and climate patterns, fiber optic networks may be buried underground or wired above-ground via existing electric and telephone poles. The process of constructing the physical network can take some time, particularly for underground networks that require digging and boring.


Once the fiber optic network becomes available in your neighborhood or along your street, getting service at your location generally requires an outside installation process and an inside installation process. During outside installation, your home or business is connected to the provider’s main network with fiber optic cable directly to the building. Inside your home or office, a technician will connect and test several small pieces of equipment—usually an Optical Network Terminal/Unit (ONT/U) and a wireless router. Some companies may install a device called a residential gateway, which is similar to a modem and may also include a wireless router, while companies like Omni Fiber reduce the amount of equipment required by connecting the router directly to the ONT/U. Many companies charge installation fees and fees for their routers and gateways. Omni Fiber does not charge these fees.


Can Fiber Internet Be Installed in My Area?


Access to fiber optic networks is still limited in many parts of the country, but fiber networks are rapidly expanding. Rural areas and small towns were often restricted to older technologies like DSL or more bandwidth-constrained technologies like satellite Internet and fixed wireless. This is because the physical fiber optic network infrastructure must be installed, and the construction of fiber optic networks can be pricey. However, if you’re located in a rural or semi-rural area, don’t assume fiber Internet is unavailable. Companies like Omni Fiber focus on expanding fiber optic network technology across regions neglected by some of the largest providers. A quick Internet search for fiber Internet providers in your area can help you to understand your options. Also, keep an eye out for postcards, fliers, and online advertisements for fiber providers in your area. Because fiber optic networks are expanding at a fast pace, it can take a while for websites specializing in comparing providers to catch up. If you visit one of these sites and don’t find a fiber provider in your area, try a more generic web search. You may find more up-to-date results that way.


If you live in a rural or semi-rural area where fiber Internet is not yet available, talk to your neighbors and your local government to share your interest in this technology. Fiber providers need to see demand in an area in order to begin construction. As interest and demand continue to build, internet service providers can respond to market demand by installing new networks and expanding availability.


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Many of today’s Internet users want access to the fastest Internet connections available. They need robust upload and download speeds for streaming, working from home, playing online games, and more. Fiber Internet features significantly faster speeds, better overall performance, and it is better equipped to support future technological advancements.


At Omni Fiber, it is our mission to expand fiber Internet to smaller, underserved communities. If you live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, or nearby areas and you’re interested in fiber Internet, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about your internet options, how to get fiber Internet at your home or business, and how fiber internet is installed in your area.


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