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What is Symmetrical Internet?


“Symmetrical internet” is technical shorthand for fully balanced download and upload speeds. While early use of the World Wide Web emphasized higher download speeds, more novel applications (like video chat, media uploads, and home business functions) have also tested the limits on upload capacities.


Omni Fiber is dedicated to providing a seamless online experience for large areas of Ohio and Pennsylvania – and our 100% fiber capacities are continually expanding. Read on to learn what a symmetrical internet is and why it’s increasingly important for modern internet use.


What is Symmetrical Internet?


Symmetric vs Asymmetric Internet Speed


So, exactly what is symmetrical internet? Symmetrical internet simply refers to equal download and upload speeds. When cable providers don’t provide symmetrical upload and download speeds, customers experience issues such as:


  • Constant buffering
  • Stalled/failed uploads
  • Increased lag time


This can be especially troublesome for web functions that depend on real-time back-and-forth. Reliable video chat, calls, and gaming all require minimal lag time. For businesses in our service areas, asymmetric internet speed could even mean lost revenue.


Why Is Symmetrical Internet Important?


While most consumer internet activity has traditionally centered around downloading data (as when any webpage loads), that’s changed. Even regular internet users and small businesses increasingly rely on higher upload speeds to accommodate newly commonplace functions, including:


  • Video chat
  • VoIP and other internet-based phone apps
  • Server-based gaming
  • Uploading multimedia onto servers


Symmetrical internet is now a more important selling point for most internet users. That’s even truer for more resource-intensive functions, such as DIY web hosting or uploading entire media libraries onto home networks.


Increased numbers of e-commerce entrepreneurs rely on swifter upload speeds, as do video content creators. Symmetrical internet becomes especially important when network users continue to use standard web functions during large uploads.


Determining When You Need Symmetrical Internet


The more your network relays large volumes of information across the web, the more you’ll suffer through asymmetric internet speed. With symmetrical upload and download speeds, you’ll experience a smoother overall experience with minimal buffering, failed uploads, and network bottleneck issues.


Even if you only use upload-intensive services occasionally, the total load on your network may be larger than you think. Upload demand can quickly add up with multiple users and devices all connecting simultaneously. The best way to know if you need symmetrical internet is to contact our experienced technicians and receive a comprehensive evaluation of your overall network capacity and needs.


What Else to Look for in an Internet Provider


Symmetrical internet is one of several important factors when comparing internet service providers (ISPs). Be sure to choose appropriate upload and download speeds, including maximum up-time and full coverage at your home or business.


Fast, friendly, and local customer service is also worth its weight in gold, which you can only get from a true local-first provider. Also, verify whether a service uses 100% fiber connection – the truest benchmark for fast and reliable internet.


Symmetrical High-Speed Internet for Virtually any Scale


Omni Fiber is the newest and best source of 100% symmetrical high-speed internet for numerous Ohio and Pennsylvania communities, many of whom have gone largely overlooked by traditional fiber internet providers. We strive to make the internet simple for our customers – and, like our service, we provide a smooth customer experience without all the fine-print hooks and snags.


That means new Omni Fiber customers can finally look forward to:


  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • No data caps
  • No installation costs
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee


Contact us for more information, or check availability for your home or business today!


Image Source: Tapati Rinchumrus/Shutterstock