Omni Fiber Electronic Payments Terms

Updated: September 1, 2022

You may elect to make a one-time payment to be applied against the balance of your monthly billing statement through an electronic funds transfer or a debit or credit card charge. You may also elect to pay the balance of your monthly billing statement on a recurring basis by enrolling in the Auto Pay Service (collectively, the “Electronic Payment Services”).


a) One Time Pay Authorization: By electing the One Time Pay service, You authorize Omni Fiber to charge/debit the bank account, debit or credit card that you designated (“Payment Method”) to make a one-time payment in the amount requested by You.


b) Auto Pay Authorization: By enrolling in the Auto Pay Service, Subscriber authorizes Omni Fiber to charge/debit electronically your Payment Method each month to pay the balance due on Subscriber’s account on the due date shown on your monthly bill statement. Omni Fiber will continue to charge/debit your Payment Method each month unless you cancel your authorization at least three (3) business days before the next scheduled payment date.


c) By using the Electronic Payment Services, You (i) represent that You are a legally authorized user of the Payment Method and (ii) authorize Omni Fiber to store Your Payment Method for future use. Subscriber is responsible for ensuring that the Payment Method information is current and accurate at all times. Subscriber must notify Omni Fiber of any change in the Payment Method at least three (3) business days before the scheduled due date shown on your monthly billing statement for the month in which you want to make the change. If the change is made after this time, the change will not take effect until the following billing cycle for your monthly billing statement. In the meantime, Subscriber will remain responsible for taking appropriate actions to ensure that your monthly billing statements are paid when due.


d) Omni Fiber will notify You prior to the payment due date. The amount shown as due on the monthly billing statement will constitute notice of any variance in amount paid in the previous month. The balance shown as due on Your statement view will be deducted on or around the payment due date.


e) Subscriber has the right to revoke the recurring Auto Pay arrangement with Omni Fiber at any time, except for those services where Auto Pay is required. Any revocation of Your authorization to pay amounts due through the Auto Pay service will not take effect until after receipt by Omni Fiber, and will result in the discontinuance of Auto Pay bill payment(s). After cancelation of Auto Pay bill payment, You will be responsible for taking appropriate action each month to pay all amounts due as set forth on Your billing statement.


f) To get a copy of a Subscriber’s online Auto Pay confirmation for Subscriber’s records, Subscriber must print or save such document to Subscriber’s computer.


g) Subscriber must notify Omni Fiber of any change in account information or Payment Method. Subscriber can update account or Payment Method information at, or while speaking with one of our service representatives. It may take at least one billing cycle to update your new Payment Method. In the meantime, You will remain solely responsible for taking appropriate actions to ensure that payments are made when due. The Electronic Payment Services are provided for personal, non-commercial use only, and Subscriber is prohibited from using these services for any illegal activity or purpose, including payment fraud or identity theft.


h) You agree that Omni Fiber may provide You legal notices regarding the Electronic Payment Services, the Terms of Service, payments made, and other relevant information or records attributable to Your payment transactions. Subscriber may not revoke consent to receive such electronic notice, records, or disclosures.


i) It is Subscriber’s responsibility to protect the confidentiality of any user name or password used in connection with the Electronic Payment Services. Subscriber shall not provide access to the Electronic Payment Services to anyone other than household members or delegated authorized users. If Subscriber believes Subscriber’s password or other means to access the Electronic Payment Services has been lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, Subscriber must notify Omni Fiber immediately at 1-844-844-6664.


j) Without limitation, Omni Fiber shall have no liability or responsibility for its inability to process or receive payments Subscriber makes or attempts to make using the Electronic Payment Services or otherwise to perform its responsibilities under these Terms in the event circumstances beyond Omni Fiber’s control prevent Omni Fiber from doing so or otherwise affect Omni Fiber’s ability to do so.


k) Subscriber is responsible for all fees and costs related to maintaining a valid payment method including processing charges or annual costs.


l) Subscriber’s use of the Electronic Payment Services, whether through Omni Fiber’s websites, interactive voice response systems or through any other means, is for Subscriber’s exclusive personal use. No payment processor or any other third party may use the Electronic Payment Services to make payments on behalf of Subscriber without Omni Fiber’s written consent. Any attempt to do so will be considered an unauthorized interference with the intended operation of the Electronic Payment Services and may result in Omni Fiber’s failure to process or accept payments from You.