Yes, you can. However, we recommend that customers keep the following in mind before deciding to use their own device:

  • Omni Fiber does not charge for the primary router. It is provided without charge with your service, so you will not save money by using your own device.
  • The routers we provide are Wi-Fi 6 AX3000 (for services up to and including 1 Gbps) or Wi-Fi 6E AXE5400 (for services over 2 Gbps) Mesh routers or better. Using an older device may impair your experience.
  • We provide customers with full access to the routers. You do not need to use your own device to have control over the network.
  • Using your own router will limit the support we are able to provide to you.

If you still wish to use your own router, you can. We will still need to install our router, but will place it upstream of your network.