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The duration of construction depends on the layout and design of your neighborhood.  Our goal is to complete the process as quickly as possible.  In each neighborhood, construction may take 4 to 8 weeks. Building our network in all neighborhoods in a town may take 6-12 months depending on the size of the town. 


  • Aerial construction:  Our crews will utilize bucket trucks to hang fiber-optic cable on utility poles which may temporarily impede the flow of traffic. Please pass our teams safely when you encounter them.
  • Underground construction: Before we bury the fiber-optic cables, we ask the utility companies to come out and mark with flags and paint where their lines are located to avoid damaging them. We may also dig in some places to verify the location of other utilities. Next, underground conduit and access vaults are installed along a designated utility easement. Finally, our construction teams will install the fiber-optic cables and connect them together to create one seamless network. 

This process takes a few weeks and once our crews have finished, any impact to yards and public areas will be restored.