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How long is the installation process?

Because most homes have not had fiber-optic technology installed before, the process to wire your home for service can take up to four hours. The installer will run a fiber-optic line directly to your home. To bring fiber-optic internet into your house, they will drill a small hole into your home. Finally, they will install

How do I schedule my installation?

Once service becomes available in your neighborhood, a member from our Customer Support Team will contact you via email or phone to schedule an installation from the contact information you submitted on our website or with one of our agents. You are also welcome to contact our Customer Support Team at 844-844-OMNI (6664).

Do I need to be home for the installation?

Yes, please make sure someone 18 years or older is present for the entire duration of the installation.  For the safety of our employees, we also ask that you please keep pets in a safe place during the installation (with the exception of service animals).

What devices will be installed? How much does equipment cost?

To bring fiber-optic internet to your home, Omni Fiber will install an Optical Network Unit (ONU) at no additional cost.  While cable and DSL internet use modems, fiber-optic internet uses an ONU.   The ONU translates the fiber-optic light signal into an electrical signal readable by the router, ethernet cable, and connected devices. We also include a Premium Wi-Fi router.  While you