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Does Omni Fiber offer static IPs?

Static IPs are available to business accounts only. A static IP is an additional $10 per month. For more information, please view our Static IP FAQ at .  

Does Omni Fiber Offer Email Service?

Omni Fiber does not offer email service, but multiple free services are available. Below are links to three of the most popular:   Gmail  Outlook Yahoo

What devices will you install with my internet service?

We will install a device called an ONU (Optical Network Unit) which is similar to a modem, but is designed for Fiber-Optic connections. This device converts optical signals transmitted via fiber optic cable into electrical signals which are transmitted via Ethernet. We will also install a router which will connect to the ONU and allow

What is the difference between download and upload speed?

Download speed is the amount of data your computer receives from the Internet in a given second (I.e. watching videos). Upload speed is the amount of data your computer sends to the Internet in a given second (I.e. sending email, pictures, or playing online video games). 

What are Symmetrical Speeds?

Symmetrical Internet speed gives you equally fast download and upload speeds. Cable providers typically have a much slower upload speed than their advertised download speeds. Upload speeds are important for things like working from home (zoom meetings, uploading large files to servers), uploading videos and photos, and for gaming.

How much internet speed do I need for my home?

The devices and activities that utilize the internet will vary for each household. Factors include how many devices are connected to the internet, how devices are utilized, and how much activity is going on at the same time. Speaking with one of our knowledgeable Omni Fiber representatives may be the easiest way to identify the speed

What if I want ebill but not autopay?

The discount for ebill is $5/month and for autopay is $5/month.  Customers can select none, one, or both. We recommend taking advantage of the convenience and savings of both.