Internet Speed Test
Please see the information below for best results. Scroll down for the speed test and FAQ.
  • Connect directly to your router using an ethernet cable. Speed test results over a wireless connection are always lower than plan speeds due to many factors like device capabilities, distance, obstructions, and other devices online.
  • If using a wireless connection, you will get the best performance when your device is within 6 ft of your main router, and not blocked by concrete, metal, masonry, plaster, wood, or mirrors.
  • Each device has a maximum speed capacity which can be impacted by the age of the device, speed of the device’s processor, and the types of apps running on the device.
  • Make sure you’re using the current version of your Internet browser for the best results.
  • Close all programs and apps running on your device and power off other devices sharing your home network, as these can slow down your results.
  • Lastly, viruses and malware can slow down performance. Keep virus software up to date so your devices perform at peak capacity.