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What is Symmetrical Internet?

What is Symmetrical Internet?   "Symmetrical internet" is technical shorthand for fully balanced download and upload speeds. While early use of the World Wide Web emphasized higher download speeds, more novel applications (like video chat, media uploads, and home business functions) have also tested the limits on upload capacities.   Omni Fiber is dedicated to

What is Mbps?

What is Mbps? When researching internet speeds, you'll quickly come across the acronym Mpbs. While the meaning of Mbps is quite simple (it stands for "megabits per second"), the term invokes a fair share of complexity related to data exchange rates. Most internet speed ratings and other important metrics are expressed as Mbps, meaning a

Download vs Upload Speed

Download vs Upload Speed   Everyone wants good Internet—but what does that mean? There are many ways to measure the quality of an Internet connection, but one of the most important factors is speed. Today's Internet users need a connection that can support:   • many connected devices • streaming videos • live streaming •

How is Fiber Optic Internet Installed?

How is Fiber Optic Internet Installed?   Fiber Internet offers many advantages over cable, satellite, and DSL. Fiber optic networks feature faster upload and download speeds, less latency, fewer interruptions, and greater compatibility with the cloud-based systems professional users need to get work done.   Unfortunately, not everyone has access to fiber Internet—the physical fiber

What is Fiber Internet?

What is Fiber Internet?   With traditional internet connection methods, having multiple devices connected can slow down the speed, making it impossible to accomplish tasks efficiently or creating frustration when enjoying entertainment. However, with the arrival of fiber optic internet technology, businesses can operate more efficiently, while home internet users can stream movies and play